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A One Direction member experienced one serious scare last night.

According to Great Britain’s The Mirror, a fire broke out at Liam Payne’s apartment last night, sending party guests running for the exit and sending three friends of the singer’s to the hospital.

Liam Payne Apartment Fire

East London firefighters confirmed the incident to the newspaper, saying in a statement:

"Firefighters worked quickly and professional to get the fire under control as quickly as possible. About 30 people left the building before we arrived and were not injured. Two of the occupants had superficial burns to their hands and the third had burns to his hands and face. All three have been taken to the hospital."


The flames engulfed about 80 percent of Payne’s balcony and reportedly started when someone tried to change the gas canister on a heater.

Liam’s girlfriend, Sophia Smith, was present at the gathering, but no other member of the beloved boy band was on hand.

Pal Andy Samuels suffered the most severe burns, but his girlfriend assured followers yesterday that he would recover fully.

"Thank you so much for all of your lovely messages & payers," she Tweeted. "On behalf of Andy’s family & I we’d like you to know he is in a stable condition."