Lamar Odom Drug Dealer Details Cocaine Binges, NBA Star's Love of "High-Priced Prostitutes"

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Khloe Kardashian does not know where Lamar Odom is.

But a former confidant (read: drug dealer) of the basketball star claims to know where he's been.

According to the same unnamed source who alleges Odom has spent $50K on cocaine over the past few years, the baller partied hard on many occasions in New York City in the recent past... with women who were not his wife!

“His marriage is in the toilet bowl, but he likes the high end prostitute," this supposedly close source tells Radar, detailing what he's witnessed: “[They were] having a good time. They were using drugs. They were going to party, to drink."

No, the man never actually saw Odom sleep with any of these call girls.

But he does note Lamar "never talks" about Khloe and adds that he's seen Lamar out with Rob Kardashian, though he's never seen Rob partake in anything aside from alcohol.

Why is this dealer speaking out?

“At this point, from what I hear and what I see, and not just what I hear in the tabloids and on the TV, but from what I hear from people close to him, he absolutely needs help,” the guy says. "Me agreeing to this sit-down is maybe my way of actually saying, ‘Dude, you’re going to ruin your life.’ It’s not recreational fun anymore."

Odom was popped for DUI late last week and has since been ordered out of his home with Khloe unless he agrees to rehab.

Sadly, such an agreement is yet to take place, which doesn't bode well for this couple. Do you think they'll last?

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