Breaking Bad Recap: Unjust Desert

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Holy. Crap.

Go ahead and take a deep breath, Breaking Bad fans. We know you've been holding yours in for hours now.

In the latest, ridiculously suspenseful episode of what has been the most ridiculously suspenseful run of episodes in television history, Breaking Bad may have said goodbye to a pair of central characters last night.

After Jesse and Hank put a brilliant plan into motion that involved lying to Huell about Walt and to Walt about a van GPS, the show's protagonist antagonist was convinced that his former protege was seeking revenge by burning all his money.

Enter a desperate Walt speeding out to the desert, screaming at Jesse to understand and not to set fire to his family's future.

Or, if you believe Walt is purely about ego, to his alter ego's legacy.

The phone conversation between former teacher and pupil was as intense at it gets... until it grew even more intense when Walt actually arrived at his destination. Nary a person was in sight. He had been duped and he knew it.

But then Jesse, Hank and poor Gomez arrived in an SUV, forcing Walt out of hiding and the best DEA agent in New Mexico had his moment to shine: he read his brother-in-law his Miranda Rights.

Walt and Jesse briefly went at it (this relationship is on thinner ice than that of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus) before Walt was taken in handcuffs into the back of Hank's car - and that's when it truly hit the fan.

Todd and his crew showed up, serious guns drawn. Hank and Gomez pulled out their weapons. There was a standoff. Hank screamed at Todd's uncle not to pull any triggers, but Neo-Nazis just don't listen to reason sometimes.

And bullets simply rained down on the desert as Walt ducked for cover and the credits rolled.

Did Jesse manage to escape when attention was elsewhere? We say yes. But are Gomez and Hank doomed? Considering that fateful phone call to Marie, and the impact actually witnessing the death of his brother-in-law would have on Walt, we also say yes.

But we'll need to wait for next Sunday to know for certain. What do you think, THGers? Is Hank a goner?

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