Aaron Paul Makes SNL Cameo; Jesse Pinkman Promotes Obamacare

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Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul made a cameo on Saturday Night Live last night in a season-opening faux press conference by President Barack Obama.

On the eve of the Breaking Bad finale, and with Affordable Care Act health care exchanges set to open Tuesday, Paul made a heartfelt pitch for Obamacare.

Or Jesse Pinkman did, we should say. Take a look (4:25):

Paul, as his Emmy-winning character, described how a certain friend of his in New Mexico could have benefited from Obama's signature legislation.

Because there was no Obamacare, Jesse's unnamed friend was forced to undergo drastic measures to pay for his treatment and provide for his family:

Cooking massive amounts of meth and murdering people.

Not just standard murders, either. He blew some guy's face off and hit nine people in under two minutes. All because of his health care woes.

Thank goodness Obamacare passed, right? Seriously.

Aaron also appeared later on the SNL season premiere on Weekend Update, alongside another man who knows about addiction, Drunk Uncle ...

Paul is flying back across the U.S. tonight for the series finale screening at Hollywood Forever cemetery in Hollywood. He will arrive in Walt and Jesse's RV.

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