Breaking Bad Finale: How Will it End?

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How will it end for Walter White on the Breaking Bad finale? Regardless, he will go down as one of the best TV characters on one of the best shows of all time.

Since its unheralded inception in 2008, the AMC drama has arguably been the best drama ever, and unlike its protagonist Walt, it's only gotten better with age.

Tonight's swan song has become a wildly anticipated TV event in part because we've known for so long that the end is near for the drama, and for Walt.

Creator Vince Gilligan set out with the premise of turning Mr. Chips into Scarface, and that vision has been unyielding through five seasons and 61 episodes.

There have been few, if any, convoluted tangents, plot holes or unneeded melodramatic twists. Just one riveting, ongoing and impeccably produced journey.

We saw Bryan Cranston's Walt at the beginning of that vision, and after his rapid rise and fall from meth lord grace, tonight we will see him at its end.

The only thing left to do is fill in the blanks. Does Walt die? And how?

The die was cast early in the Breaking Bad's final season. Having ascended to the top of his meth empire, Heisenberg's undoing came slowly but surely.

After a series of dramatic confrontations with Hank, Jesse, Todd and most notably Skyler and Walt Jr., there was nothing left for the kingpin to do but run.

Unable to cope with living out his disgraced final, cancerous days in hiding, Walt is headed back to the Land of Enchantment from the Granite State.

His motives? Not entirely clear. But this is the Man Who Knocks, not the Man Who is Summarily Dismissed By His Former Business Partner on TV.

The concluding scene on last week's penultimate episode summed up the inner conflict of Walt. He does love, and want to provide for, his family.

But he's also gone total Heisenberg and is irredeemable at this point.

We know from two flash forwards that he makes it back to Albuquerque, bearded, armed and extremely dangerous. To what end? That's entirely unclear.

Does he use the ricin on himself? Will he save Jesse? What will become of the family he once set out to provide for above all else? All bets are off.

The finale, titled “Felina,” will be used to tie up loose ends as we learn the fate of Walt and those who have not been killed in his tyrannical wake thus far.

Don't expect any spoilers because the cast and producers have been tight-lipped, and perhaps for the first time ever, fans wouldn't even WANT to know.

The only thing we can say is that whatever happens, we would be shocked if the Breaking Bad finale did not come to an epic and satisfying conclusion.

It all gets underway at 9 p.m. EST on AMC. Fasten your seatbelts.

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