7-Year Old Suspended from School for Bringing Loaded Gun to Class

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It looks like New Mexico has problems beyond Walter White cooking up a great deal of meth.

A seven-year old first grader at Helen Cordero Elementary in southwest Albuquerque was caught with a loaded 40-caliber glock in his backpack yesterday morning.

He has since been suspended and police are investigating the incident, trying to determine how such a weapon ever made it through security and/or ended up in the child's possession to begin with.

“Seven years old, first grade, it doesn't appear that he meant to harm anyone. He didn't threaten anyone,” said Monica Armenta, Albuquerque Police communications director. “But all the same, there has to be some pretty strict consequences for something like this.”

The child never removed the gun from his backpack and no injuries were reported... but still.

This suspension seems far more warranted than the one for the kid who chewed his Pop Tart into a handgun..

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