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Actor Terrence Howard is being accused by his ex-wife Michelle Ghent of beating her up badly during a heated argument in Costa Rica – just last week.

Michell, who divorced Terrence in May, hooked up with him again recently.

She then took a trip with Terrence and several of his family members to Costa Rica, where sources say an epic and violent argument erupted last week.

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Terrence Howard claims Michelle maced him, his adult daughter and another family member. Police were called to the scene and reports were taken.

No one was arrested there that we know of, but it gets weirder still:


Sources close to Michelle say that Terrence made up the mace story to cover up his brutality, while sources close to Terrence say Michelle is lying.

This also isn’t the first time their relationship has gotten combative.

She has accused Terrence Howard of abuse in the past, which he denies. In their divorce case, she said the beatings began just a week into their marriage.

Michelle Ghent is supposedly going to court this week in an attempt to get a restraining order against her former spouse, who she fears will come after her.

We weren’t there and have no idea who’s telling the truth, but probably not a good idea to get back together a third time, you guys. Just don’t do it.

And don’t mention Oprah’s tig ol’ bitties either, T.