Shemane Deziel, Ted Nugent's Wife, Arrested For Bringing Gun to Airport

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Ted Nugent's wife Shemane Deziel was arrested for carrying a loaded handgun through security at Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport this week.

Shemane Deziel Mug Shot

She insists it was all an accident, however, and that she only owns and carries a weapon in the first place because of death threats she's been receiving.

Shemane Deziel, 51, was busted Thursday for bringing the Smith & Wesson .38 into the airport, and putting it through the security checkpoint in her carry-on bag.

TSA screeners saw the gun on an x-ray monitor, and when police inspected Deziel's luggage, they noticed it was loaded with five rounds of ammunition.

An additional 10 rounds were packed in a side pocket of her carry-on.

Shemane said she forgot the gun was in her bag, but has an active, concealed handgun license in Texas. The gun and ammo were confiscated as evidence.

The wife of Ted Nugent did not elaborate on the alleged death threats.

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