Sex Study: More Banging Equates to More Bucks

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In a study undoubtedly commissioned by a man, new findings determine that those who have sex at least four times per week make more money than those who come down with "headaches" on a frequent basis.

This conclusion has been drawn in a paper ("The Effects of Sexual Activity on Wages") by Nick Drydakis, a fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor.

He looked into a year-long survey of 7,500 Greek households that asked such questions as:

How many times a week do you get it on? How much do you make? How many hours do you work?

Based on the answers, Drydakis concluded that frisky individuals are happier and possess high self-esteem… and these are the kinds of people who bring in the major bucks.

Granted, the causation may actually be reversed: those who make a lot of money may feel good about themselves and may therefore feel more desirable at home.

Moreover, raises typically occur earlier in life, as one makes one's way up the ladder at work - and this could also correlate with one's sexual prime.

But still. Give Drydakis a break, people. He's trying to do men everywhere a favor here and we applaud him for it.

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