Hannah Anderson Attends Fundraiser in First Appearance Since Abduction

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Hannah Anderson, the 16-year-old rescued Saturday from her alleged abductor James DiMaggio, made her first public appearance since her ordeal.

On Thursday afternoon, the teenager attended a fundraiser in the San Diego community of Lakeside where she lived with her mother and brother.

Both of whom were killed August 4 prior to Hannah being kidnapped by family friend DiMaggio, who was shot to death by police Saturday in Idaho.

The Lakeside Boll Weevil restaurant was reportedly holding a fundraiser in the family's honor with 20 percent of sales going to the Anderson family.

Wearing sunglasses, Hannah Anderson emerged out from a car and was quickly ushered into the restaurant away from the media. She offered no comment.

Later, Anderson's father, Brett, emerged and spoke to reporters.

"This is a small community that we are a part of. The community came together putting on this great fundraiser for Hannah... and this is how Lakeside rolls."

"So I just wanted to say how much we appreciate it from everybody, the community, family, friends for being here ... and local sheriffs and law enforcement."

Brett said he spoke with the horsemen who spotted Hannah, a tip that led to her being found with DiMaggio in Idaho, by phone and thanked them.

"It was a chance encounter, but it did save my daughter's life. Other than that, Hannah sends her love. She's doing good day by day," her dad said.

"We'll just keep moving forward from there."

Meanwhile, search warrants unsealed Wednesday revealed that DiMaggio tortured Hannah Anderson's mother and brother before killing them.

DiMaggio and Hannah Anderson reportedly exchanged about 13 calls before Hannah was picked up from cheerleading practice on August 4.

Both phones were turned off, and the home was burned several hours later.

DiMaggio, 40, was like an uncle to the kids. The warrants describe how DiMaggio took Hannah on multi-day trips, most recently to Malibu and Hollywood.

Since her rescue, Anderson supposedly made online postings Monday in which she fielded questions on social media about herself and her ordeal.

A mother of a close friend of Anderson confirmed the postings were hers.

Asked if she preferred DiMaggio would have been sentenced to prison instead of being killed by authorities, Anderson said, "He deserved what he got."