Ghost Shark Review: Sharknado Knockoff Jumps Made-For-TV-Shark-Movie Shark

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Ghost Shark tries to follow up on Sharknado's surprising and incredible success for Syfy tonight. Only it doesn't quite turn out that way. At all.

Some movies are so bad they're great, if they're self-aware, are original and strike just the right balance between drama and unintentional comedy.

Other movies are so bad they're just bad.

People still get eaten by sharks in Ghost Shark, the title of which alone surely got some people to tune in, but that's about all that's worth saying.

Incredible as it is to be compared negatively to Sharknado (seriously, check out our Sharknado review, it was great), we have little choice here.

Ghost Shark features (what else) a mysterious, translucent shark that terrorizes oceans, rivers, pools, puddles, rain puddles, sinks ... wherever, apparently.

While it sounds pretty hilarious anytime you can toss a paranormal shark entity into the mix and break up a teenage pool party, it just doesn't have bite.

So to speak.

The plot, if you can call it that, involves Night Court's Richard Moll as the local lighthouse keeper teaming up with the teens for unknown reasons.

It's not even worth getting into, because unlike Sharknado, the acting isn't funny, the story isn't redeeming, and the effects aren't even up to par.

Seriously, hold out hope for the Sharknado sequel or just watch some old Shark Week documentaries On Demand instead if you need your fix.

This one is just shark bait. Not the real deal.

But if you must, it's on Syfy at 9 p.m.

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