Dr. Conrad Murray: Michael Jackson Hired Me, Despised AEG, Kenny Ortega, Joe Jackson

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The decision to hire Dr. Conrad Murray was Michael Jackson's alone, and the star kept AEG out of the loop, the imprisoned doctor says in a voicemail.

We take a break from North West picture debut coverage to update you on this ongoing saga, which took a surprising new twist thanks to Murray:

Bad Doc
Michael Jackson Trial Pic

TMZ has obtained the audio of what Murray recently told a friend, and if it were testimony in the singer's wrongful death trial, it would be a bombshell.

Because, according to Murray, Jackson felt the concert promotion company was run by a bunch of snakes ... who he tried to keep at arms length.

Doing time for involuntary manslaughter, Murray claims, matter of factly:

  1. Michael personally offered him the job of "This Is It" tour physician.
  2. AEG wanted to hire a less expensive doctor, but MJ hired Murray.
  3. AEG never ordered Murray to give any specific medical treatment. 
  4. Michael Jackson called the shots regarding his own medical care.
  5. AEG was not even aware of the treatment Michael was receiving.
  6. Michael despised AEG and referred to its employees as "snakes"
  7. Michael also hated "This Is It" producer/director Kenny Ortega.
  8. MJ claimed his parents, particularly father Joe, wanted money.

The fifth point could be particularly important in the ongoing litigation.

AEG, however much Michael despised them and however hard they pushed him, claims they're not to blame for his death. MJ's family says they are.

Of course, this is all Conrad Murray's personal take, not even under oath.

Will he be called to testify? He says he had better not be ... or else.

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