Nicki Minaj on DJ Khaled Marriage Proposal: Just a PR Stunt!

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Nicki Minaj has finally spoken out about DJ Khaled's marriage proposal, and believe it or not, they are NOT getting hitched. In fact, she says he's obviously kidding.

Turns out the whole thing was in fact a stunt to promote his single "I Wanna Be With You," which features Minaj and will appear on his album Symptoms of Success.

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Those words should sound familiar. They were dropped by Khaled in his "heartfelt" video proposal to Minaj last week in which he proposed on MTV.

"I'm here at MTV because it's a worldwide network, and the only reason why I'm not telling you face-to-face is 'cause I understand that you're busy," the rapper said.

"I want to be honest with you. I love you. I like you. I want you to be mine."

"We got the same symptoms, we both suffering from success, you out there touring, you out there hustling, you out there making music, you out there winning."

The 37-year-old then opened a box to reveal a 10-carat engagement ring worth around $500,000 ... which Minaj said she found to be pretty hilarious.

"I was shocked just like the rest of the world, and I was cracking up laughing with the rest of the world, because Khaled is a master at what he does," Minaj said.

She said that she hadn't spoken to Khaled about the ruse yet, but "nobody in my real life took it seriously. Everybody just hit me like, 'LOL.'"

"Yo, Khaled is crazy. Khaled is my brother, and Khaled was not serious with that damn proposal, ya'll. Please let it go. He was kidding. He's not attracted to me."

"He doesn't like me. We're brother and sister."

It was even erroneously rumored that she filed a restraining order against the DJ, which she similarly laughed off. All's fun in PR stunts and record sales?

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