Neil Gaiman Video Game: Welcome to Wayward Manor

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If the woman attacked by gang of cats story was the funniest of the day so far, this Neil Gaiman story is easily the best. Well, to geeks like myself at least.

Legendary writer, Neil Gaiman, is bringing his talents to the world of gaming with Wayward Manor!

The quality of storytelling in games has gone in waves through the years. For awhile you'd pick up a game and just couldn't wait to get to the next chapter to see what happens next in the story. Then there were years where the only option really was to shoot everything in sight.

With a writer of Gaiman's caliber, we have to assume Wayward Manor would be categorized as the former rather than the latter.

While Neil Gaiman and the design company, The Odd Gentlemen, aren't going through Kickstarter or any other equivalent crowdfunding sites, they do have a collection of rewards for monetary support on the Wayward Manor website.

You can pre-order the game (available on PC and Mac) for $10 and then there are additional items you can purchase such as a t-shirt and lithographs, and even a signed poster.

Gaiman calls this a "first part" so there is added incentive to donate as we can hope there is plenty more gaming to come!

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