JWoww Twitter Avatar Changed to Swastika; Jersey Shore Star Slams "Bitch" Hacker

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JWoww has certainly done a lot of controversial things over the years.

Changing her Twitter icon to a swastika is not one of them, however.

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In addition to pulling that stunt, a hacker changed her bio to "Jersey Shore sluts getting ran daily. You can mark Sammi and JWoww off the list."

JWoww was, understandably, quite upset about the hacking. She tweeted at two users she believed to have been involved, writing, "Pathetic losers..."

"U wanna come at me meet me face to face! Bitch asses think ur cool hacking. Lets go! Loser ass thinks its cool to hack...Think ur cool? Ur a loser. Bitch!"

If Roger Mathews ever gets ahold of these guys ... we fear for their very lives.

As boasted, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola's Twitter account was also hacked.

The Jersey Shore star's avatar, original bio and tweets were all removed.

A new bio read, "She was hacked at 1,700,000."

JWoww eventually regained control of her account, but before she did, BFF Snooki wrote a warning about any obscene content posted to her feed.

"FYI my boo #JENNIWOWW got hacked. #creeps" Snooki tweeted.

"So if they tweet vulgar things (even tho jenni would) it's not her."

Not the swastika anyway.

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