Janitor's Union Calls Out Justin Bieber: No Respect!

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Justin Bieber is a spoiled brat who doesn't realize janitors are regular people that put up with slop and grime on a daily basis.

So states a rep 32BJ SEIU, at least, as the largest property services workers union in the nation is pissed at the singer... for pissing in a mop bucket and laughing his cocky head off.

Yes, the video (above) that was snapped last year and went viral last week continues to bring bad press for Bieber.

“Unfortunately, people are often oblivious to the fact that workers like our members are faced daily with the consequences of such thoughtless acts," a union rep told TMZ of Bieber's actions.

In the footage, Bieber also curses off Bill Clinton. But he has since reached out and made amends with the former President.

He may want to do the same with janitors across the nation.

"[Bieber's behavior] serves as a stark reminder of the essential jobs that building workers perform and the very difficult conditions under which they perform them," adds the rep. "We welcome a heightened awareness of workers’ dignity among young people, and hope many will be moved to work for economic justice.”


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