Dexter Recap: "Every Silver Lining"

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Dexter Morgan is being pulled in two opposing directions on Dexter Season 8.

There's Deb, who is spiraling more and more out of control every week and dragging her brother down with her, telling him he deserves to die and that her effed up state is all his fault.

Then there's Dr. Vogel, who spent the entire hour of "Every Silver Lining" building her creation up, referring to him as "perfect" and a "gift" and clearly manipulating him for some purpose.

A Good Doctor?

Just to catch The Brain Surgeon on her behalf? Or is there something more dubious and mischievous going on here?

That's the main question viewers ought to have following another intriguing installment, which also included Quinn taking the Sergeant's test and Dex covering for Deb's killing of El Sapo.

But it all really comes back to Dr. Evelyn Vogel. Do you trust her?

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