This is the End Clip: How to Ruin a Magazine

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Danny McBride has absolutely no respect for other people's stuff.

In the new This is the End clip, James Franco confronts him about doing something nasty to his magazine. Watch it below (NSFW):

The comedy explores what would happen to a group of five real friends, all playing themselves, if the apocalypse hit Los Angeles.

Franco and McBride are joined by Seth Rogen (who also co-wrote and co-directed), Craig Robinson, Jay Baruchel, and Jonah Hill also star.

The insane cast is rounded out by Emma Watson, Michael Cera, Jason Segel, David Krumholtz, Paul Rudd, Martin Starr, Kevin Hart, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

This is the End premieres June 12.

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