The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Let's Get Real

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey had "A Manzo of Her Word" but it was a little boy who stole the show. We recap the smiles and tears in THG's +/- review.

Someone completely stole the show this week and it wasn't a housewife. It wasn't even one of their husbands.

Jacqueline Laurita & Nicholas

It was a little boy who learned to say I love you, Mommy. Plus 50.

To be honest at first it appeared that little Nick was only repeating the words to get the lollipop but when Chris Laurita said that it had been over 18 months since his wife had heard those words from her son, I couldn't help but be moved, no matter what the child's motivation.

Housewives usually doesn't require its audience to use that part of the brain, nevermind their hearts. It was almost disconcerting.

Not to fear. There's still plenty of the normal nonsense to fill the hour.  Especially when we get to visit with Teresa and her kids.

At least they weren't cursing at one another this week. Plus 18. But can any of them communicate without screaming?

Gia seems to think she's in charge. Milania basically tells everyone else where to get off, and Gabriella looked like she was zoning out as a means of escape. Minus 12. I couldn't say that I blamed her.

Caroline's daughter, Lauren said that the Guidice kids were being raised by wolves. I think that might be an insult to wolves. They have more sense.

Teresa's still hanging out with Kim D. Minus 22. Why is this woman back on my TV screen? These shows always breed the hangers on, looking for more than their 15 minutes of fame.

Caroline called a summit meeting with Teresa and then she ordered an iced tea. You'd think alcohol would be mandatory to get through that meal.  

How funny was it when Caroline told Teresa that she was sent by Joe and Teresa shot back with, "He's really scraping the bottom of the barrel." Plus 18.

Teresa was right. Caroline is preachy but she's also right. Life is short. Why let the stupid stuff take over? 

Now if she could only use that advice to mend fences with her own sister.

And what is up with Fran? She looked like a heavier clone of Dina. And she moved in along with her stray pets. Minus 8.  Caroline's husband Albert is a saint.

Is there any way they can write Kathy out of the show? She's generally boring and her husband Rich has become intolerable.  Even Kathy seems to have grown weary of his frat boy antics.

When Kathy told her husband that she was trying to raise Joseph to be a gentleman, all i could think was that it would have helped if she'd married one.

Plus 13 when she tells her daughter to stick with school so she'll have better options than Kathy did.

Of course if we lost Kathy then we'd also lose Rosie.  Hmm…I'm not sure where that lands in the points system.

Did Rosie really have to join in on the guys poker game? Just because she's a lesbian doesn't make her one of the boys.  Minus 9.

But then we wouldn't have had Joe Gorga telling Rosie she couldn't write off all men if she'd never tried one. That earned a serious eye roll but I wouldn't expect anything less from Joe.

Of course he needs to start expecting less. Mush less when it comes to selling his giant McMansion.

A 10,000 square foot house on 2 & 1/2 acres. Minus 15. It sounds like someone was overcompensating.

It was funny to watch the faux marble crumble and the fixtures fall off as Joe and Melissa crowed about their masterpiece.

And shouldn't their realtor have told them that having their kids around for the open house doesn't make it feel more homey…it reminds people that it's your home. Minus 10.

But I think I'll keep my $3.8 million in the bank and out of the Jersey real estate market, at least until next week.


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