Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Scott Disick is an Inspiration

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Last week's Keeping Up With the Kardashians centered around Kim's pregnancy.

With the early arrival of baby North West, we're sure to hear plenty more about that in the coming weeks. Sunday's show, though, was all about Scott Disick.

The man proved inspirational to a cancer patient ... yes, we're serious.

Reality TV at its best, people! Let's break down this week's episode:

Scott Disick Promo Pic

Scott Disick has made us all cringe over the years by being a creepy, narcissistic jerk at times ... but is it possible that this was all (or mostly) an act?

Or the character he was playing in those early days?

It's hard to say, but we've seen a more likable side of the man in the last year-plus, from hilarious antics to last night's genuinely warm (!?) behavior.

Josie Langsdorf, an Ohio woman dying of cancer, for some reason unknown to the rest of humankind had a meeting with Scott Disick on her bucket list.

Plus 50, because the show wouldn't make that up ... would it?

Minus 250, though, for having that item on your bucket list.

Keeping Up Photo

Scott, obviously, was reluctant to go, not just because it's crazy that he was on her bucket list but because he doesn't like to be around sick people.

But he did, and the experience was actually pretty cool to see. Plus 300 for Josie's spirit, despite the hand she's been dealt. Now that is an inspiration.

Scott even admitted that his own father had been sick for years, and gave her one of his Rolex watches. Yes, one of them. Still, Plus 150 for that.

“I came into this situation thinking it would be extremely sad, but it’s really the opposite," he said. "I’m more thankful to have met her than she is to meet me.”

Now we see why Kourtney Kardashian stays with this guy even though he doesn't propose. Plus 100. Gotta give credit to Lord D when it's due, THGers.

The other big issue last night was Bruce Jenner and his hearing problem, which was not a brain tumor (phew) and just a normal part of aging.

Minus 200 for planting the idea that Bruce has a brain tumor.

The kids, meanwhile, pranked Kris Jenner saying they were a guy named Todd Kraines, calling her and sending her stuff ... and it was pretty great.

Kris knew it wasn't the real Todd, but had no clue what was going on, and the payoff once she figures it out is going to be classic. So Plus 100.


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