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New father. Same old Kanye West.

This Kim Kardashian baby daddy is featured in this month’s issue of W, rambling about his love for the reality star; his status in the music world; how he cares too much about everything… and A LOT more.

Because we can’t possibly do Kanye justice, here’s a look at our Top 10 favorite quotes from his interview with the magazine:

Ye and Kim Kardashian
(Getty Images)
  1. “Nobody can tell me where I can and can’t go. Man, I’m the No. 1 living and breathing rock star. I am Axl Rose; I am Jim Morrison; I am Jimi Hendrix.”
  2. West says he wants Yeezus to be akin to a “one-man gangbang.”
  3. “I just do exactly what I want, whenever I want, how the f-ck I want. …’F-ck you’ is my message.”
  4. “Visiting my mind is like visiting the Hermes factory. Sh-t is real. You’re not going to find a chink. It’s 100,000 percent Jimi Hendrix.”
  5. “I’m not comfortable with comfort.”
  6. “I care about everything. Sometimes not giving a f-ck is caring the most.”
  7. “My ego is my drug. My drug is, ‘I’m better than all you other motherf*-ckers. Kiss my ass!'”
  8. [On appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians] “Oh, that’s just all for love. It’s simply that… love is more important than any branding or any set of cool people, or attempting to impress anyone. Because true love is just the way you feel.”
  9. “I’m not going to sit here and defend sh-t.” That sh-t is rock ‘n’ roll, man. That sh-t is rap music. I am a god. Now what?”
  10. [Looking up architects on Google] “How do you spell Mies van der Rohe?”