Charlie Sheen: Selma Blair Goes or I GO!

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Charlie Sheen wants Selma Blair 86'd from Anger Management ASAP, and has even threatened to WALK from his own show if she isn't given the pink slip.

It's not looking like an idle threat, either. Charlie came to work Monday and told producers he wants the termination process started RIGHT NOW or else.

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The actor wants Selma Blair fired so badly is because (he says) she's been talking about him behind his back, and specifically trashing his work ethic.

As such, an irate Charlie says it's either Selma or him.

Sheen understands that it's complicated stuff, getting fired from a TV show (he would know). However, he's made it clear they need to work on it ... yesterday.

Blair was not on set yesterday, and it's unclear if she was scheduled to work or if she'll be back. Asked by TMZ about the situation, she did not comment.

FX network execs are currently in talks about how to handle this, but no decision has been reached that we know of and it'll be interesting to see play out.

It's a bold move by Charlie, but as we saw from his hilarious Farrah Abraham rejection letter, the usually jovial star can turn nasty if you cross him.

How bold a move is it? Monetarily, try around nine figures' worth.

If Sheen completes the rest of FX's 100-episode order for Anger Management, he could earn $100-200 million through the sitcom's eventual syndication.

So far, roughly half of those episodes are in the can. Stay tuned.

UPDATE, 6/19: She's out! Don't mess with the Warlock ...

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