Hockey Fan Cancels Pizza Order, Receipt Lists Awesome Reason

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The latest hilarious receipt to go viral comes from Vancouver, B.C.

Specifically, from a rabid fan of the city's NHL team, the Canucks.

A picture of the receipt, posted to Reddit, apparently shows what happens in Vancouver when a Stanley Cup playoff game goes down to the wire ...

Hockey Receipt

The receipt, originally for a large pizza for pick-up with extra chicken, was nixed and turned into a delivery because "canucks have tied game."

As such, obviously, "[customer] cannot leave house to pickup."

While hockey is Canada's national sport, Canucks fans are known for being particularly hardcore, with 408 consecutive home games sold out.

The fan that ordered this particular large pizza, however, was not rewarded for his devotion to the squad. The Canucks lost the game in OT to San Jose.

And the next two games. The Sharks eliminated them last night.

Hopefully the delivery guy got a good tip at least.

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