Ellen Pearson Looks to Krush Kardashian Kid Lawsuit

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Ellen Pearson has four basic words for Kourtney, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian:

Shut the eff up!

In early April, Kris Jenner's offspring filed a lawsuit against their ex-stepmother, charging that she illegally profited from a diary their late father left to them in their will.

Mason, Kendall and Kourtney
Kardashian Diaries Issue

In an official response obtained by TMZ, however, Pearson does not deny that she sold pages of Robert Kardashian's diary to In Touch Weekly.

(NOTE: It would be difficult to deny, considering the Complete Kardashian Diaries are on sale now.)

But she maintains that the Kardashians have no legal leg to stand on because the journals are her property to do with whatever she pleases.

Pearson has asked a judge to throw out the lawsuit and both sides are awaiting his decision.

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