Amanda Bynes Drug Case: Where Are the Drugs?!?

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It looks like Amanda Bynes will be free to Tweet like a mad woman for at least the foreseeable future.

Six days after her arrest for allegedly throwing a bong out a window and for allegedly being in possession of marijuana, sources close to the police admit to TMZ:

They have no evidence of said bong ever existing... or of Bynes ever actually holding any marijuana.

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According to the official report, there's no proof of any drug use or drug paraphernalia. The document simply states that officers smelled "a strong odor of marijuana" at the scene.

Bynes, of course, has been proclaiming her innocence in a serious of online rants ever since she was taken in by the cops.

She claims to be suing the NYPD and also says she is allergic to both pot and alcohol.

She adds that it was a vase - not a bong - that was tossed out her apartment window.

But glass remnants of whatever item hit the sidewalk were left there for days, meaning the chain of custody has been ruined and there's really no case to be made against Bynes for any kind of endangerment.

So expect the charges to soon be dropped and for Bynes to go back to telling Chrissy Teigen that she's ugly.

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