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It’s The Real Housewives Beverly Hills and if one reunion show is good then “Reunion Part II” must be… pure torture. At least that’s what it feels like.

We recap all the tears and tantrums in our THG +/- review.

We’re back on the couch with Andy Cohen as the ladies dished about Kim Richard’s sobriety and whether or not they suspected she fell off the wagon.

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The clips of some of Kyle’s comments throughout the season were at times cringe worthy. Minus 10.

Always one to speak her mind, Brandi Glanville admitted that she felt Kyle was always doubting her sister and almost felt like “it would make her happy if she failed.”  

Let the waterworks begin. 


Kyle jumps in that it’s the meanest thing Brandi could say but the truth is that Kyle makes a lot of comments that could prove Brandi’s theory.  

But when you call Kyle out on it her fallback position is that she was just joking. Minus 20.  That’s such a cop out. It’s Kyle’s way of not owning up to any of her crap.

Lisa all but calls the Richards girls liars when she doesn’t believe their gossip about Yolanda trashing her in Paris. When Andy asks who of the Housewives she trusts the most, Brandi ends up at the top of the list…and Kyle’s at the bottom. How times have changed.

Andy hands out t-shirts with each of the ladies’ lame tag lines on them. I think I’d rather have Yolanda’s lemons. Plus 8.

The best moment was when he tossed Adrienne Maloof‘s shirt to the back of the sofa. Plus 18. But don’t think that means we’re done talking about her.

Supposedly Adrienne still claims that Brandi destroyed her family and that her cozying up to Paul now is just a ploy but Paul has a different story.  

Via video Paul tells his side of the story.  Paul admits that Brandi said hurtful things but that she “graciously apologized” for them and he doesn’t blame Brandi for the demise of his marriage. Plus 15.

Apparently the divorce has gotten messy. Chef Bernie published pictures of Adrienne with bruises and claims that Paul abused her and the kids. Minus 22.

Everyone agrees that Bernie’s just looking for attention but leave it to Ken to be the stand up guy.

Ken says he’s never witnessed any signs of abuse and he’s not buying the rumors. If it were true then why would Adrienne share custody of the kids. Good question.

Mauricio also shows up and kind of buries the hatchet with Brandi.

Yolanda’s husband had better things to do than show up as a house husband…like recording with Stevie Wonder.

At the end of the season, Brandi earned her spot on the Housewives sofa and a life long friendship with Lisa.  The two make a charmingly odd couple and appear to be true friends.  Plus 30.

Plus 25 to Yolanda. I didn’t think she’d fit in but her no nonsense delivery and her ability to call out other people’s bullsh*t made her a great addition to the show.

Kim proved herself to still be quirky while being sober. Not easy. Plus 10.

Taylor was almost nonexistent. I’m not complaining. Plus 5.

Camille resorted to her former season one b*tchiness. Minus 13. Maybe she’ll just stay home next season.

Kyle on the other hand looked two faced with both friends and family. She hung Lisa out to dry, joked about her sister’s sobriety, and made nice to Brandi’s face while bashing her behind her back. And her friendship with Faye Resnick is worth at least a minus 50.

But it’s Adrienne Maloof who lands at the bottom of the list. She caused a lot of drama about some secret that viewers were never allowed to hear. If you have secrets then stay off of reality TV. Then she gave quotes to magazines but refused to show up for the reunion. When you sign on for a job, you finish it. Minus 60.

Who should take Adrienne’s spot on next seasons The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?