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Two men, Keith Liverpool, 35, and Junior Bradshaw, 32, have been found guilty of conspiring to rob and murder British pop singer Joss Stone in 2011.

Liverpool was sentenced to at least 10 years and eight months.

The sentencing of co-defendant Bradshaw was adjourned.

Joss Stne at the Wedding
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The pair harbored a deep hatred for the soul artist, the three-week trial at Exeter Crown Court heard, though it is far from clear why (as it often is).

They were convicted of conspiring to rob and kill Joss Stone last summer, they were then planning to dump her body in a river in her native England.


Stunningly, the pair set off from their home with a samurai sword, knives, bags and gloves crammed in their Fiat Punto, bound for Stone’s address.

However, their plan to rob and kill Miss Stone – whose birth name is Jocelyn Stoker – was fraught with problems and they were arrested, thank goodness.

The guys became lost around seven miles from Stone’s home and stopped to ask postman Alex Greening for directions to the property in Ashill.

They displayed a map with notes and a picture of the celebrity on it.

The pair had earlier been stopped by police at the M5 Michaelwood services in Gloucestershireafter their Punto crashed into metal railings and a digger.

Officers thought the car was too badly damaged to be driven and left.

Not the case. The maligned pair continued their journey south.

They were arrested on June 13, 2011, a few miles from Stone’s home when concerned local residents – spotting their crash-damaged car – called police.

The suspicious uniformed PCs discovered Bradshaw did not have a driving license and arrested him. Their weapons and plot were soon uncovered.

Giving evidence to the court, Stone admitted that there was lax security at her home, but said she only learned of the plot against her from police.