Jim Carrey Responds to Gun Control Critics: Calm Down!

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Jim Carrey may be known for his sense of humor, but the actor has settled on one topic recently that is anything but a laughing matter:

Gun control.

After posting a Funny or Die video that mocked gun advocates, the actor has been under siege from many Conservatives, led, as you might expect, by Fox News.

Jim Carrey in NYC

Now, in attempt to re-open a reasonable discourse, Carrey has penned an Op-Ed for The Huffington Post.

"These mass shootings and daily body counts on your local news are terrible tragedies," the actor writes. "The utter devastation that must be endured by the victims' families is unfathomable.

"These horrific events are also an invitation for us to become more civilized and to deal with our addiction and entitlement to violence. Not to shut our eyes and ears and scream at those with a different opinion than ours to 'f--k off and go back to Canada.'"

Carrey responds to assertions that he's a hypocrite by saying his bodyguards are not permitted to carry a large magazine and then states in all capital letters:


Instead, the man behind Ace Ventura insists his battle is against "the type of arms, the easy access and the means with which to cause massive devastation."

Carrey also scoffs at "bullies" who attempt to discredit him due to his profession, pointing out that Ronald Regan was also an actor.

Aghast at the "level of hatred heaped upon" him, Carrey concludes:

No one is allowed to own a bazooka. In a movie theater an assault rifle with a 100-round drum magazine can cause just as much damage.

So don't just sit there and do nothing. Contact your representatives and let them know that their jobs depend upon change. It won't always be someone else's kids in the line of fire.

The time is now. LET YOUR HEART BE HEARD.

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