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Erik Lowry, the owner of Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms, is furious at Facebook after the company apparently shut down the page of his store late last week because it advertised an AR-15 giveaway contest.

Lowry says he received no word about any violations from Facebook and believes the website’s actions were the result of an article published on Vocativ.

It complained that Lowry’s giveaway went against the company’s terms of service.

AR-15 Giveaway Shut Down Story

However, Lowry – who says he has lost thousands of dollars in just a few days as a result of the account removal – believes this is all a misunderstanding.


As explained in the video above, the store owner says the contest winner would never receive the gun unless he/she passed the same background check given to all in-person customers at his shop.

"I don’t get it. No one has contacted us. It’s just unbelievable," said Lowry, who created a second giveaway page and also saw it taken down. "We’re not going to stop. Take away our page and we’ll make another one. I want justice for everyone."

This controversy, of course, is taking place as Congress is debating new gun control restrictions.

A bill that focused on this specific issue, background checks, was rejected last week by the Senate.