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The Real Housewives of Atlanta went “Donktabulous” this week, whatever the heck that means. We run down the battling booty videos in our THG’s +/- recap!

Kenya, Kenya, Kenya. The girl can’t keep it together when her ex is around. The man’s so boring I can’t even remember his name but she freaks out if they’re at the same party. Minus 12.

The moment Kandi warns her that Walter is in the house Kenya goes twirling out of control spouting off about him being a stalker and how she didn’t bring her security.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Seriously girl, grab a drink and calm down.


No one enjoyed the show more than Phaedra and Apollo. Those two knew Walter was coming but kept it to themselves just to watch the fun. Minus 10.

Finally Kenya twirled herself right out of the party and thankfully no luxury vehicles were injured in the process. Plus 15. No one needs that much drama.

Later Cynthia tries to tell Kenya she’s being dramatic and unnecessary. No kidding. Plus 9 for not setting Kenya up with somebody just yet. Miss USA needs to get over this train wreck before heading smack dab into a new one.

Porsha decides to get some professional help. Plus 20.  Not that all of the housewives couldn’t use some help.  It seems like Porsha’s trying to figure out who she is in the scheme of things.

Minus 16 for when she tells her shrink she doesn’t want to put any expectations on Kordell when it comes to having kids. Aren’t they suppose to be in this together?

Maybe she and Kordell need a little Bedroom Kandi to lighten things up but somehow he just doesn’t seem the type.

That’s a shame because Kandi’s empire continues to grow.  Plus 25. Did you see all of those Bedroom Kandi consultants.  That’s a whole lot of sex toys being sold.

Phaedra and Kenya are finally producing those workout videos and I’ll give Kenya her due. Plus 30. Her video looked like the real deal.

Phine Bodies by Phaedra on the other hand was not so fine. Yes, it had the phenomenal Beverly Hills mansion with a view but it also had Phaedra jumping around and panting between takes.  

Phaedra says, “I grew this thing. I didn’t buy it.” I have no doubt she grew that booty but was it through exercise or lots of rich Southern food? Minus 22.

We’ll all have to wait and see what the finished products look like in the end…both the video and the booty.

And the big romantic surprise of the night was Gregg proposing…again, to NeNe. They laughed. They cried but in the end I wasn’t sure what NeNe Leakes answer would be.

Plus 50. She said yes.  Congratulations to the happy couple and good luck on the second time around.

Now on to the finale…