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Chad Johnson is stalking and harassing ex-wife Evelyn Lozada online, according to the Basketball Wives star, and she’s warning him to stop or else.

Evelyn fired off a cease and desist letter to the former football star after be tore her a new one on Twitter with crude remarks about her alleged cheating.

Ev wants a restraining order if he doesn’t STFU ASAP.

Chad Johnson Is Shirtless

Lozada says Chad’s Twitter allegations are 100 percent false, and that she never cheated on Chad during their relationship, which ended last year.

The same, obviously, can’t be said for him.


After Johnson’s arrest for head-butting her, it was revealed that the baller formerly known as Ochocinco was busted with a condom receipt in her car.

The duo had been on good terms of late, even as she shot down overtures to reconcile. It’s unclear when or why Ocho turned against Evelyn Lozada.

It’s not helping his cause, however, that’s for sure.

The prosecutor’s office overseeing Chad’s criminal domestic violence case is aware of the situation, just as he is due in court for a hearing on Monday.

At that time, he will ask for his probation to be lifted early for good behavior and full compliance. May want to put the phone down in the future, Chad.