Cannibal Cop: Gilberto Valle on Trial For Kidnapping, Conspiracy Plot

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Federal prosecutors have rested their case against Gilberto Valle, New York's so-called "cannibal cop" and a man accused of some truly unthinkable behavior.

Images from websites devoted to torturing and eating women were shown as prosecutors alleged Valle was involved in a plot to kidnap, torture and eat women.


With the final witness came the most vivid images of what prosecutors say the former NYPD officer may have had in mind for certain targets of his own.

For the first time, the jury inside the federal courthouse saw graphic photos and video as they heard evidence in the cannibalism case against Gilberto Valle.

Jurors appeared uncomfortable Monday as prosecutors showed a video of a screaming woman made to appear as if she were being cooked alive.

Valle frequently visited websites showing women in various stages of forced duress, including one offering images of women who did not survive it.

FBI computer forensics examiner Stephen Flatly testified at Valle’s kidnapping conspiracy trial about what Valle was searching for on his computer.

The topics Valle looked up included:

  • death fetish forum
  • what to look for in human meat
  • cannibalism in the news
  • best rope to tie someone up
  • doesn’t she look good enough to eat

Valle’s laptop also yielded a video of a naked woman hanging over an open flame and screaming in agony, and photos of women with apples stuffed in their mouths.

Another image of a woman roasting on a giant spit was discovered in a computer file that Valle kept on a former college friend, Kimberly Sauer.

Prosecutors allege he plotted to kidnap, torture and eat her.

Asked to describe the photos on Valle’s computer, Flatly testified that they showed various women, “Some are dead. A couple of them appeared to have been strangled.”

Flatly  estimated there were a "half a million" graphic images.

As Flatly described the images that were displayed on video monitors in federal court in Manhattan, some jurors put their hands over their mouths.

Also admitted was evidence Valle looked up articles about the rape and murder of a young woman and about a 15-year-old girl who was kidnapped and murdered in California.