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A photograph of a Svitlana Buchyk, a Russian woman, exiting a plane.

It doesn’t look like much on the surface, but a report by Breitbart News suggests it looks a lot like Democratic Party donor Dr. Salomon Melgen’s plane.

Melgen is tied to Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), who recently reimbursed him for the use of the plane for reasons that have been highly speculated upon.

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Menendez has been accused of flying to the Dominican Republic to have sex with prostitutes – a charge he denies. See where we’re going with this?


A tipster who goes by “Peter Williams,” first told ABC News’ Rhonda Schwartz about this woman in early 2012. “Williams” identified her as “Svetlana B.”

“This girl is one of the most regular participants in the activities the Doctor arranges for the Senator,” the tipster “Williams” wrote to Schwartz in June 2012.

Linked to Salomon Melgen, she “has traveled with them in the jet, sailed with them in the yacht, and has repeatedly visited the Doctor’s house.”

The Miami Herald was the first to uncover the woman’s real name: Svitlana Buchyk. “Sveta” and “Svetlana” appear to be other spellings for her name.

Melgen, a wealthy ophthalmologist and frequent donor to high-level national Democrats, employed Svitlana Buchyk at one time in an unknown capacity.

She confirmed her previous employment with Melgen in an interview with The Miami Herald but would not say what services she provided for him.

The Herald said she “was eager to defend Melgen, particularly when asked about stories of Melgen’s alleged sexual liaisons with prostitutes.”

“He is an amazing person,” Buchyk said, noting that he enjoyed female company, but “He was always with his family. There is nothing else I can say.”

“He treated me well. He had money. He was very generous.”

Under the photo of Buchyk exiting the plane—which she posted on her Flickr account—she wrote a caption: “On my way home yeayyyyy.”

In the corner of the photo above, two characters from the tail number are visible: the letter “G,” preceded by what could be either an “L,” “Z,” or “E.”

Photos of Melgen’s plane (N900LG) show a similar aircraft seen in Buchyk’s photo and his bear identical paint jobs … they look like the same plane.

Menendez was accused last year of using Melgen’s plane to engage in sexual activity with prostitutes, a scandal the FBI may be looking into.

Breitbart also notes that Buchyk, while in Barcelona, Spain, in 2009, shipped a package to herself at the Palm Beach, Fla., address of Dr. Melgen’s eye clinic.

That eye clinic address is the same location the FBI raided last week, FBI spokesman James Marshall confirmed to Breitbart in the following statement:

“The only information we are providing is that we are conducting law enforcement activity in the general vicinity of 2521 Metrocentre Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL.”

Follow the link for the full investigative report by Breitbart News