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This fall, television fans will need to adjust some familiar faces in some unfamiliar roles.

With pilot season upon us, networks across the dial are casting shows they hope get picked up and turned into full-fledged series for the 2013-2014 season.

Among the famous names already chosen to star in new projects, according to our friends at TV Fanatic, are…

David Joyner Photo
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar will star on an untitled CBS sitcom as the daughter of Robin Williams, who plays an advertising executive.
  • Kyle Chander will play a cardinal on the Showtime drama The Vatican.
  • Peyton List will be the female lead on Tomorrow People, a mixture of Heroes and X-Men on The CW.
  • Felicty Huffman will move to Fox and anchor Boomerang, playing both a mother and a hitwoman.
  • Minnie Driver will also star as a mother on the small screen version of About a Boy.
  • Rupert Grint will play a burger flipper who wants to be a super hero on Super Clyde.
  • Jason Isaacs will play the U.S. Surgeon General on CBS’ aptly-titled Surgeon General.

Which of these pilots do you most hope gets made into a series?