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Sorry, Fantasia Barrino, but JET Magazine is not sorry for its latest cover shot.

The singer has landed the front of this publication in promotion of her upcoming album, “The Side Effects Of You,” but she actually defaced it on Instagram this week because the editors use a decade-old photo.

“This saddens Me!!!” Fantasia screamed online. “It is clear that this picture is 10 Years Old and JET Magazine puts it on the Cover!! After I send them the NEW LOOK AND DIRECTION. . SAD!!!

Barrino, Fantasia
Photo via Getty Images for Primary Wave En

I WANT A PUBLIC APOLOGY FROM JET. Now im not sure if the interview is correct. SEE!! America they and use me as they crash Dummy BUT NO MORE. IF I DONT STAND FOR SOMETHING ILL FALL FOR ANYTHING.”


But a rep for JET tells TMZ says the image it chose was the “most appropriate for JET’s brand and reflective of the cover story sentiment,” adding that the options sent in by Barrino didn’t meet the magazine’s “standards.”

Still, JET is hoping everyone can remain friends.

“JET continues to root for Fantasia’s success and encourages her fans to pick up the new issue,” the publication said in a statement.