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Jack White appeared to drop an F-bomb during a performance of "Love Interruption" at the 2013 Grammys on Sunday night, though CBS claims he did not.

The lyrics to the track by White and Ruby Amanfu do not include the words "f— me," but it appeared White and/or Amanfu added them in at the Grammys:

Jack White Grammy Performance 2013

Martin Franks of CBS insists that the f-bomb was not dropped during White and Amanfu’s performance and that the word that was sung was in fact "fight."

"We had 10 editors, and three people on site, and all are experienced, all with [experience] with doing these delays," he told The Hollywood Reporter.


"They went through all of the rehearsals. They have prepared meticulously. And not a single one of them heard anything other than the word ‘fight.’"

CBS executives say they were so confident that it was "fight me," and not "f–k" me, they did not edit it for the later broadcast on the West Coast.

While CBS declined to provide video of White’s song to include with articles about the controversy, you can sort of make it out using the clip above.

Later in the telecast, after Mumford & Sons won album of the year, one of the band members also said the f-word, but it was caught by CBS censors.

The show airs on a 10-second delay.

Last Sunday, Baltimore Ravens star Joe Flacco dropped the f-bomb during his post-game celebration on CBS’ live coverage of the Super Bowl.

Ah, the beauty of live television.