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Was Best Supporting Actress winner Anne Hathaway the biggest fashion loser of the 2013 Oscars? Her Prada gown left many viewers with that sentiment.

Bland. Confusing. Ill-fitting. Inappropriate.

Anne Hathaway’s Oscars dress inspired all of those descriptions Sunday night from the moment the Les Miserables stunner stepped onto the red carpet:

Anne Hathaway Photograph
(AFP/Getty Images)

The front flap was held up by criss-cross straps around the neck and a wider band that tied at her back, sectioning the open back into several parts.


As a result, the top was shaped by two darts on the bust line that end just where the nipples are supposed to be, making for a seriously awkward look.

When someone as gorgeous as Hathaway wears a dress that makes you want to avert your eyes from the chest, you know it’s not a fashion win.

When she walked up to E!’s Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, she sort of looked like she was coming at the venerable host with headlights blazing.

Oscars fashion. The good. The bad. Les Miserables.