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Mitt Romney’s final vote total in the 2012 presidential election has been tallied, and the Republican challenger received – wait for it – 47 percent of the vote.

Yes, it took this entire time to finalize it (you just didn’t hear about it because it wasn’t close), and Romney came in almost exactly at the 47 percent figure.

47.2 percent to be exact.

Mitt Romney with Donald Trump
(Getty Images)

Many will find the number appropriate and ironic, as Romney made waves when a secret video of him talking with donors surfaced late in the campaign season.


In the 47 percent video, he said that segment of the country would never vote for him, because they’ve become dependent upon government programs.

That Romney final vote is based on the percentage of all presidential votes he garnered in November, and it works out to 47.2 percent of all Americans.

Looks like his calculation was quite wrong, or at least backwards. On the plus side for Romney … 47.2 percent is more than 59,000,000 people.

Also, if you excluded all third party candidates and looked at only Romney and President Barack Obama, the GOP challenger reached 48 percent.

Not a terrible showing; John McCain won just 45.7 percent of the vote four years earlier. Still, don’t expect a third run from Mitt in the 2016 election.