Office Complex Shooting in Phoenix Wounds at Least Three

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At least three people were shot and wounded at an office complex in Phoenix on Wednesday, and authorities were combing the area for the suspected gunman.

Phoenix Police spokesman James Holmes said the people who were shot were taken from the scene to a local hospital; their condition is unclear.

Office Complex Shooting

Asked if there were any fatalities inside the building, one of several in an office complex at a busy Phoenix intersection, he said: "Not that I know of. No."

An Arizona Fox affiliate had reported that four people may have been shot, while other sources have claimed there were as many as five injuries.

Holmes put the number of people confirmed to have been shot at three. He said that it was not clear if the shooter was still in the area at this time.

There were several witness accounts of what happened, but the general consensus appears to be gunshots, fear and chaos - few specific details.

An employee at a local McDonalds fast food restaurant said he saw at least 18 to 20 marked police cars and at least two ambulances arrive at the scene.

The incident comes at a time of heightened fears in the U.S. over mass shootings, after Adam Lanza opened fire last month at a Connecticut school.