Most Depressing Day of the Year: "Blue Monday" Singled Out By Researchers

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It's cold. It's dark.

It's already been considerably cold and dark for 5-6 weeks now, and there's probably another two months of cold and dark coming our way after today.

That about sums up why researchers have singled out today, January 21 - or "Blue Monday" - as the most depressing day of the year in a new study.

NYC Winter

With forecasters predicting unusually bitter conditions for the next 7-10 days, Blue Monday is living up to its name despite a national holiday and presidential inauguration.

Or because of the latter, if you're Alex Jones.

More than three-quarters of residents of colder climates quizzed in a poll said the low amount of daylight at this time had a negative effect on their mood.

Almost the same number said they found it harder to get motivated during the long, hard winter months; up to 87 percent of Northeast residents are affected.

So what do you do about seasonal depression problems?

  1. Move to California or Florida
  2. Take Vitamin D supplements
  3. Exercise whenever you can
  4. Read celebrity gossip

You know. Fun distraction from being angry at the world.