Alexandra del Pilar: Actual Ex-Girlfriend of Manti Te'o!

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According to a new report, Alexandra del Pilar dated Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o for a couple months toward the end of last year.

And get this: she actually exists!

Alexandra del Pilar and Manti Te'o

TMZ has uncovered evidence, in the form of anonymous quotes; Twitter posts; and, most damning of all, photos, that make it appear as if Te'o struck up a relationship with del Pilar - a 21-year old student at St. Mary's College in Indiana - some time in mid-November.

Why is this significant?

According to the Manti Te'o girlfriend story, Lennay Kekua - who we now know never existed - passed away on September 12.

Therefore, the fact that he reportedly got involved with del Pilar just a few weeks later - and recently split with her - doesn't speak well to the star's credibility, lending credence to the theory that Te'o was in on the giant death hoax.

Earlier today, an insider told ESPN that she was told by Ronaiah Tuiasosopo that he set Te'o up and the athlete played no role in the scheme.

What side are you on? Do you think Te'o was the victim of a Catfish hoax?

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