Survivor Winner: Who is $1 Million Richer?

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An Iowa sex therapist is reality TV's newest millionaire.

On last night's season finale of Survivor: Philippines, Denise Stapley took home the show's grand prize, brewing out Michael Skupin and former Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel  in the process.

Survivor: Philippines Finalists

"In Iowa, you can do a lot with this," said host Jeff Probst upon presenting the check to Stapley, who referred to the win as "life changing."

Dawn - who actually played on all three tribes throughout the season - was voted the champion by a jury of her eight peers.

Whelchel, the actress behind Blair Warmer in the 1980s sitcom, flew through the show with only two castaways aware of her identity.

She earned Sprint"s $100,000 Player of the Season award, voted for by online the viewers.

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