Nurse Left Suicide Note After Kate Middleton Prank Call, Police Say

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The nurse who apparently took her own life after she being duped by a hoax call about the pregnant Kate Middleton left a suicide note, it was revealed today.

The content of the note written by Jacintha Saldanha is unknown.

It is understood to have been addressed to her family, according to sources, with an autopsy on the 46-year-old nurse scheduled to begin in London today.

Saldanha died in a suspected suicide Friday after she was fooled by two Australian radio hosts' Kate Middleton prank call, shocking the royal family and the world.

The two DJs called King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone, Central London, impersonating Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles and inquiring about Kate's health.

They DJs are facing a probe into their actions by police in Britain.

Some say the nurse's family has been given less support than the Australian DJs, who have apologized and are said to be in fragile mental states themselves.

At the same time, their employer says they did nothing legally wrong.

Political officials have demanded a full inquiry into Saldanha’s death after meeting her husband and two teenage children at the British House of Commons.

Prime Minister David Cameron said in a statement that all the information possible about her death should be gathered and shared with the appropriate parties.

"When you read of how hard she had worked across her life and all the things she had done and how much she cared about health and looking after people," he said.

"This is just a terrible, terrible case and, as I said, I am sure there are lessons to learn."

"When any of these things happen, having the full facts of the case doesn't bring anybody back, but it does, I think, help people come to terms with what has happened."

"So, in so far as that is possible, I would support that."

The radio hosts of 2Day FM, who boasted of their call while the duchess was hospitalized for morning sickness, have had their show canceled and suspended themselves.


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