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Guess Weight Watchers is sticking with Jessica Simpson.

Despite getting pregnant again just a few shortly months after delivering her first baby, Jessica’s role as the dieting brand’s spokeswoman is only increasing.

Weight Watchers says it will continue touting Jessica’s alleged 50-pound weight loss after her first pregnancy – and air this new ad, released today!

Jessica Simpson WW Ad

In it, she confirms her second pregnancy, which is cool but also a little strange, as the fine print says that pregnant women can’t even join Weight Watchers.


WW is doubling down on Jessica’s weight loss as a marketing tool, despite showing her sort of far away and covered by an oversized flannel shirt.

We were hoping for Jessica Simpson bikini photos. Alas.

The latest ad says the new year is all about new beginnings … presumably that means losing weight for you. Jess will not be joining in, however.

The 32-year-old Simpson "will not be following the program during her pregnancy while her weight and well-being are monitored by her obstetrician."

But when baby #2 arrives, game on!