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Adam Lanza’s body has been claimed for burial.

More than two weeks after the Connecticut 20-year-old open fire and killed 28 people, including himself, the medical examiner’s office says his body was claimed.

They didn’t say who claimed him, where he would be buried, if he would receive a funeral or really anything else about what will happen to the mass murderer.

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Even The New York Times came up short on details as “calls and messages to family members and a spokesman were not immediately returned on Sunday.”


We may never find out if Adam Lanza receives a proper burial or who provides it. Perhaps it was his wealthy father, Peter Lanza, or his brother Ryan Lanza.

Evidently, father and son hadn’t spoken in two years. Adam’s relationship with Ryan, who the media initially blamed for the murders, is a bit of a mystery.

The family did quietly bury Nancy Lanza, who was murdered by her son Adam, in New Hampshire but hasn’t said whether they planned to collect Adam’s body.

Somebody did, though, and now it’s over.

Whoever did so made no show of it whatsoever, and perhaps that’s for the best as a small Connecticut town, and an entire nation, try to move forward.