Tim Tebow Called Terrible By Jets Player; "No One" Wants Him Starting

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Maligned NFL bench player Tim Tebow has apparently been called "terrible" by a team member who says "no one" on the Jets wants him starting at GQ.

He's heard that sentiment a lot over the years, but usually from bloggers, not teammates.

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The New York Daily News reports that various members of the Jets are frustrated with Tebow's failure to improve as a QB and have no desire to see him start.

The story seems to reveal a far more divisive atmosphere than earlier stories indicate.

"He's terrible," a defensive starter said, adding that he has no faith in a zone-read offense tailored to Tebow’s strengths helping New York reverse its fortunes.

Other sources blamed starter Mark Sanchez's woes on the receiving corps, with its lack of stars, but no one suggested Tebow replace him under center.

If the Jets were to run the offense the Broncos ran with Tebow, one player said, "we can't win running that Wildcat [stuff]," using an expletive to make his point.

Another Tebow critic on the team said "nobody" wants him to be the starter.

Guess no one thinks it's Tebow Time anymore, even in his own locker room. Except for maybe Camilla Belle, she'd probably love to be his tight end.

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