The X Factor Recap: Giving Thanks For...

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The X Factor celebrated Thanksgiving a day early tonight, as the top 10 finalists dedicated various hits to those for whom they are thankful.

Which singer stuffed his or her rendition with impressive talent? Which laid a (turkey) egg?

Read on a quick rundown and vote on your favorite from the two-hour episode...

Tate Stevens, “I’m Already There" - Britney called it "special." We say it was closer to "safe," which is perfectly fine for this consistent contender.

Diamond White, "Because You Loved Me" - Demi was "blown away" - and for good reason. Combined talent very well with emotion.

Emblem3, “Secrets" - All flash. Very little substance. Focus on the vocals and not the hotness, ladies, and there's not much here.

Arin Ray, "Hero" - Dedicated to his brother... which means he must hate his brother. Just a terrible version of a cheesy ballad.

CeCe Frey, “Wind Beneath My Wings" - In memory of her late sister, who died at the age of 7 from Cerebral Palsy. Raw, emotional, stunning. We were moved.

Fifth Harmony, “I’ll Stand By You" - Definitely the best group performance. Solid arrangement, executed well, should move on.

Beatrice Miller, “Chasing Cars" - A somewhat odd song choice, but Britney believes it was her "best vocal performance by far." We disagree. How about you?

Vino Alan, "Proud to be an American" - Yes, he really did hold a flag in his hand. Utterly forced, contrived and way too sappy, even on a night like tonight.

Paige Thomas, "Everytime" - She went Britney and didn't do a terrible job. Got the Spears seal of approval, but L.A., Simon and Demi all think she may be voted off this week.

Carly Rose Sonenclar, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - Just terrific. Someone had to go with this single, right? We're just thankful it was Carly Rose. Could easily win it all.

What did YOU think? Who was the best of the night?

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