Obama Victory Speech: President Calls For National Unity, Path Forward

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President Barack Obama delivered an emotional victory speech early this morning from Chicago after his contentious, hard-fought 2012 reelection victory was assured.

Not unlike Mitt Romney's concession speech, Obama offered praise for his opponent and a desire for national unity after the conclusion of an often tumultuous campaign.

Despite polls showing a tossup race and many pundits predicting his downfall, Obama won convincingly in the electoral college, 303-206 (Florida is still being counted).

His popular vote margin, while significantly narrower than it was in 2008, still exceeded 2 percent and 2,000,000 votes nationwide. In short, his reelection was no fluke.

Still, the open question is whether the reelected President can unite a divided country and chart a course for meaningful, bipartisan reforms over his second term.

With his 2012, he assured a meaningful legacy - but will it be a positive one?

He sounded the call for a brighter, less polarized America in his victory speech, but actions speak louder than words. Can he really work with the GOP? Vice versa?

What do you think: Will Obama's second term be better than the first?

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