Happy 70th Birthday, Joe Biden!

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The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, turns 70 years old today. Say it is so, Joe!

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The gaffe-prone Happy Warrior is the 47th man to hold the #2 spot in the federal government, and likely the first to fake tan or use hair plugs. Just kidding Joe!

Before being elected (and recently reelected) alongside President Barack Obama, he represented his home state of Delaware in the U.S. Senate from 1973-2009.

During his career, Biden amassed a reputation for loquaciousness, with his questions and remarks during Senate hearings being known for their long-windedness.

Not widely considered an academic or a theoretical thinker, he is regarded as a terrific retail politician, often regaling audiences with tales of his working class roots.

Biden's unabashed defense of his views and unpredictable nature have made him the target of many parodies, and deservedly so. At times he is like a caricature.

Love him or hate him, he's authentic, and has been consistent throughout. What you see is what you get ... gaffes, f-bombs, Cheshire Cat smiles and all.

Joe has been married to Dr. Jill Biden since 1977; they have one daughter, Ashley Biden.

His first wife Neilia was killed in an automobile accident in 1972 along with their infant daughter. Their two sons, Beau and Hunter, made full recoveries.

Happy birthday to the father, grandfather and Veep who needs no further introduction!

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Barack Obama and Joe Biden
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