Rielle Hunter: Moving Closer to John Edwards?

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Disgraced but legally exonerated John Edwards is reportedly planning to move baby mama Rielle Hunter and their daughter close to his home in North Carolina.

Rielle Hunter is Crazy
John Edwards Lies

John and his long-time mistress were actually together after his wife Elizabeth died, but Hunter's explosive tell-all book about their affair torpedoed the romance.

Nevertheless, Rielle and Quinn Hunter are said to be moving close to him.

The two-time presidential candidate, who was found not guilty on campaign fraud charges this year, wants them near his family home to see them more often.

Edwards, who was charged with six counts of using campaign money to fund and hide his affair, initially refused to admit that the little girl was his in 2008.

He was later forced to admit it, but according to Rielle Hunter, he's “a great dad.”

Rielle has lived in a “modest, cozy” home in Charlotte, N.C., but apparently Edwards’ commute from Chapel Hill - 2.5 hours away - was getting to be too much.

“Rielle’s dream is that in time she’ll move into John’s house,” said a source.

Despite breaking up with John Edwards, Rielle continues to back him, and says his wealth and political position had nothing to do with her feelings for him.

“If John Edwards worked in a gas station, that would be my guy,” she said.

Sure thing.

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